What does your domain say about you:

In order to grow, you need to have at least one DESCRIPTIVE domain to compete in today's online world.  If your domain doesn't say exactly what you do...you don't stand out to new customers searching for that product/service.
"Your current customers likely search for your business by name (i.e. “brynn’s flower shop”). Consequently, your website shows up in their natural search results. Prospective customers, however, tend to search by topic and location,
in which case your website might not show up."

helping guide businesses and domains find their respective homes.

We pride ourselves in matching niche businesses large and small, and unite them with their appropriate address. Every domain does not get accepted. We hold a higher standard working only with the highest quality, sought after, generic keyword rich, type-in traffic & exact match domains. Representation of your business is essential.

descriptive, and to the point

We organize the internet

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Domain Acquisition

Seeshaupt, Germany 12/27/2013 - Germany's leading whisky company- The Whisky Store today announced the purchase of the Internet domain Whisky.com. (3.1 million)

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Keyword Importance

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  • Simple and Short, Easy to Remember

  • No questionable spelling, communicative

  • Added Value Asset to Company

  • Credible, Respected, Trusted

  • Consumer Confidence Tested

  • Higher Traffic and Higher Conversions

  • Exact match in what Consumers Search

  • Greater Quality Score = Less ad cost

  • Higher Profile over Competition

  • Descriptive: There's no second guessing what a company does when have a keyword url

  • Easier rank on Search Engines/SEO

  • Shows Authority vs. settling on a domain simply because it was available.

  • Your name is your address and your address should say what you do.