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Lucy Moyer

A Business Developer and domainer for many years with affinity to the Service Industry. Lucy exceeds the industry with her high standards, ethic and even higher level of integrity.

David C. Barker

The brainchild behind Keyword Brokers, who demanded nothing less than proper organization brought to the web via domain matching to it's proper entities.

The one and only keyword brokers ...its all in the name

Our Mission

Establishing or re-establishing your business image starting with its name.

Bring businesses the consultation and proper services needed to align the correct relationships and target audience.


02. Simplified streamline process-We provide all the tools.

With millions of  domains only about 5% are considered to be prime, short, memorable, authoritative.  


03. We Treat You and Your Business as if it were Our Own.

Our firm consists of online consultants and domain strategists, and brokering intermediaries with expertise in Merger & Acquisitions, both Investment / Divestments, in form of sales and leasing or partnership joint ventures between businesses and valuable online realesate holders.

About Us

Margret Titsworth

As VP of Sales, and a business consultant to businesses larger and small, Margaret's drive came from e-commerce.

Seeking and Matching the right domains for her clients was the  catalyst that propelled her clients income.

Our Experience and Sensible Approach in Exact Match Domains to rightful Bona- fide Business Owners.


Organizing the internet is no small task. We take our role seriously and we love what we do. It is exciting to see as market share is gobbled up on the web, to bring together legitimate business entities to the best usage properties. Our team has the very  well-deserved reputation in providing, sensible, cost-effective online e-commerce business solutions for our clients.

We serve a wide range of clientele, and every client relationship is valued greatly. Each engagement benefits from the depth of our expertise.

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We organize the internet

Jarred Hilliard

Jarred seeing this huge challenge of organizing the internet as an opportunity. Jarred was propelled to join David's plight while after seeing  countless businesses  with vague urls-minimizing the user experience.