If you are a domain owner or have a portfolio of domains in a vertical niche or random matters

not, rather the quality that matters. If you've ever wondered about whether having more names

provides more opportunities for domain sales by sheer volume, that is a business model, but

not one we follow. Success has always been the sheer quality of a domain and its value. If you

intend on bank rolling domains year in and year out, you may wish to consider to cut your losses.

Be rational and not emotional. It is a painful lesson but one that will serve well and save you in the end. With nearly a quarter of a million domains dropping a day, 97%+ are low quality domains and as such have very little search volume, (if any) and hence very little value.

However if you are a domain asset holder that can not monetize the valued property, and sitting on parking-we may be able to help. If merely waiting for some entity to come to your door in hopes of buying it, may want to have a better strategy. The single exclusion to this, are what is known as...category defining keyword domains.

What makes us different?

That's our favorite question. Unlike many registrars or domain brokerage firms, many wait on rely on businesses/organizations, or even individuals to come to them. This is not proactive and while it may be argued that if you are not a motivated seller you'll make more money, that may or may not be true. A great domain will always have opportunity, but if you have a great property from shirt to a house, if there is no 'For Sale' sign then no one knows it is.

A lesson learned long ago stated that, you may be the possessor of one of the greatest books ever written-and your the author, but, have not marketed it. So while this may be true, no one will ever know unless they were to stumble upon it accidentally, or they happen to search for it to see if it were available to purchase, which may seem more unlikely.

We take only desired domains and do not need to be the one word ultra premium category defining crown jewel names of six to seven figures. Once we've determined its value and worth we will actively contact end users who would be the most potential clients either from our existing database or our methods for making the connection. In one word-proactive.

Why dont more domains get sold?

Many do a search from the one of very few registrars such a Godaddy.com, branded and made popular by its witty commercials. When someone searches for a domain to register it most likely will be unavailable. The act of human nature and focus groups have proved that most will in fact immediately go to search for another domain name until one is finally found available. Not having realized that if they were to go to the site directly, they may find that the domain is not in fact taken in use, but may be for sale. Some use our service for anonymity. In a nutshell, many do not know the process and then are left with poor names that provide no useful value.

The monetary value of a company is now valued on it's online presence as consideration.

The value of a domain goes a long way. Prior to the internet explosion, a company would be valued on its revenue, assets, and balance sheet / profit and loss and many other variables, but now the domain name ownership gets heavily weighted as an asset of value. A great domain can be sold in the high figures and developed with traffic and search even more-so. A mom and pop owning a premium service or product domain (Landscaping.com) can be worth millions versus having whatever-wasavailable.net

That's right...You've finally met your match!

Bout time!

Have a domain  but cant find your match?

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