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  1.  This domain says everything about you- what you do and your service. This would be your lead website to your existing company site. When Rate.com, was sold Guaranteed Rate saw the huge potential to a shorter, and more robust authoritative rebranding. Companies not looking to rebrand simply capitalize on its stand-alone marketable value to funnel new business to its existing such as Bank of America (Loans.com). Other giants found it best to simply forward the domains and push “type in traffic” to their site such as PetSmart with DogFood.com, Dogs.com, Pets.com
  2. A descriptive ultra-premium generic name can define the growth and brand of a company such as was done with Cars.com Apartments.com and Hotels.com to name a few.
  3. When people search online for a product or service, they begin on search engines (e.g. Yahoo/Bing/Google) not your existing site or company name. A descriptive ‘to the point’ defines to them exactly what you do.
  4. The owner with a Solid Premium Exact Match, short, descriptive url, exudes psychological consumer confidence to the prospect and an unfair advantage to the owner to receive the click vs. other competitor domains. This in turn equates to more business. OR s Converts Consumer Confidence and are Higher Traffic and Higher Conversions
  5. Simple and Short, Easy to Remember-and communicable. No questionable spelling and is communicative person to person, radio for advertising or over phone.
  6. Acquisition of a ultra premium generic domain, provides news worthy PR and prime for an upcoming product launch, fresh restructured company, new startup, or re-branding but with a high profile name!
  7. The .com- and not any secondary tier extension that would cause people to forget should they get referred. Whereby, having a lesser extension causes “traffic leakage” to the .com, and potential having prospects or clients sending emails automatically to the .com in error as well as compliance issues. .Com has none of these concerns, conversely it propels the advancement to an accepted worldwide potential global market.
  8. An Added Value Asset to your Company and can always be resold, either separate or as part of your business valuation. E.g. Fly.com domain purchased by Travelzoo $1.8 million two years later sold (recently) for $2.8 million.
  9. The Keyword Domain plus .com itself exudes Credibility, Respect, Trust, and Authority to those unknowing what company to go to. And that is what we are looking to capture-New clients!
  10. There will only ever be one of the generic com's we are offering and once it is gone, it is gone forever likely to a competitor
  11. Your own "keyword rich" lead site means Exclusive Leads, and less leads to buy from venders or higher affiliate or partner payouts.
  12. “Effective Defensive” Higher Profile over Competition-Prevent Competition by not letting a competitor own, dominate and compete years to come. E.g. Bank of America owns Loan.com
  13. Easier Rank on Search Engines like Google/SEO simply because of the exact match shows authority to search engines, and local search is easy to rank with a legacy, aged ‘out of the sandbox’ domain.
  14. Consumer Demand: a Google search of “Profile” returns 7,760,000,000 results Ask yourself “If you’re a new prospective client and don’t know where to go, are you going to search for a particular company name when you don’t even know where or whom to go yet? Or are you more apt to search for generic keyword?” When you search for a keyword word/term, see that word .com, you click that word .com as that was your search!
  15. Descriptive: There’s no second guessing what a company does when you possess keyword url. One time investment pays over and over and can be resold down the road for higher than purchased in a worst case scenario as online properties are finite and increase in value over time.
  16. Literally potentially thousands in aging population in your service area will be searching for years to come.
  17. Can be used for Google AdWords, and be on top with paid ads in a day, but will cost less due to a “high quality score” in the domain
  18. Not only a usable valued asset, but also a Tax Write-off!
  19. Marketing standpoint and marketing dollars spent on advertisements such as radio, print, billboards are one and done, whereas a premium domain is an investment that pays off for years and will never diminish.
  20. Great moral and renewed pride for the internal company employees as well as investor relations to its shareholders or external view from publically traded company stock holders and potential view in earnings
  21. Most compelling reason, KeywordBroker.com Domains have been thoroughly researched and are priced to sell. Buy with confidence in knowing the security of every transaction will be walked through with us, an established branding media entity along with Escrow.com trusted Third Party Escrow Company. Type your paragraph here.

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